Why your startup should attend a VivaTech Conference

If you are reading this and you are working – or want to work – in a tech startup, you should attend a VivaTech conference at least once in your life.

VivaTech was one of the most important tech conferences we attended this year. Not only because it had an amazing audience: 91,000 visitors from 146 nationalities, but also because the conference itself showcased the world’s leading technologies.

There were big companies as well as tech startups showing their digital capabilities, this year the main topic was AI and digital transformation. The knowledge building that happens at tech conferences is something that enriches a startup with creativity and meaningful insights.

There’s another reason: it’s an opportunity to meet and engage tough leaders, decision makers, public and private sector for all over the world, especially from Europe.

MetaWorldX was invited to present our Digital Twin and Data Visualization at the Amazon AWS booth. Thanks to this opportunity, we were able to sign important agreements with partners and customers.

As a startup, it’s important to get out of your own bubble and meet new people. Tech conferences allow for a lot of new connections that bring feedback on your products. It’s also a creative environment where you can get new ideas from new people in the industry.

Vivatech inspired us with such positive feedback. It was rewarding to know that people see our project as a groundbreaking technology thanks to the high-quality visualization and the ability to get live data, historical data and simulation.

We were even one of the most visited booths in the entire platform at AWS. We were visited by big companies like Air France, we connected with industry experts and investors who wanted to meet us. We were happy to receive a lot of students, quite interested in digital visualization.

If you are looking for experiences to grow your company or project, the VivaTech Conference is one of them. New connections, meaningful feedback and learning outcomes are the push startups need to get bigger. Now we want to ask you: what do you think you can achieve with this opportunity?